About Deye


Deye Inverter Technology, which is part of Deye Technology Group established in 1990, is one of the top 3 largest manufacturers of solar energy inverters and storage systems in China, successfully competing with brands such as Huawei and Sungrow. Deye products are also known as SunSynk in the UK and some other markets.

Founded in 2007, Deye inverter technology company has grown to become one of the largest technology companies in China with its over 15,000 m2 factory. Continuous in-house product development and cooperation with universities enable us to offer the latest solutions to the market. Deye Group is a strategic partner of Midea, Haier, TCL, AUX and other manufacturers both in China and around the world, employing nearly 2,000 people in more than 130 000 m2 of factory space.

In 2022, the product line of energy storage solutions was added to the inverters, which in 2023 will introduce additional new products for both home and business users, including  storage solutions suitable for large solar power plants and portable battery banks.

A clear message of the high quality of the products is provided by the up to 10-year warranty and IEC, CE, VDE, UL UN38.3 certificates and high investor confidence in Deye Group shares listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Product range

On-grid and off-grid

It doesn't matter if your electricity connection allows you to sell the produced and stored energy back to the grid or not, and whether there is an electricity connection at all or not. We can find a suitable set in any case from Deye's solutions!

Hybrid inverters

With a hybrid inverter, you add the option of storing your produced solar or wind energy in batteries. You can also add the output of a (backup) generator or another inverter to this device. In addition to classic low-voltage hybrid inverters, Deye also offers you hybrid inverters suitable for high-voltage batteries, with even better efficiency. Output power 3kW-50kW, IP65


1-phase, 3-phase, string or microinverters - Deye's product range has the right one for you! Output power 0.3kW-110kW, MPPT strings 1-24, protection class IP65-IP67.

Energy storage

By adding batteries to your solar energy system, the profitability of your investment increases significantly. By smoothing the use of generated energy over time, stock exchange price peaks, charge batteries and sell energy to the grid at the best possible price. In addition to standard models, also all-in-one kits with an electric car charger. In the future, it will be possible to earn additional income by applying your storage solution to the synchronization or intra-day energy market.